Michelle helped me figure out the perfect paint color for my bedroom and suggested lots of ways to make it a more inviting space. Her ideas included changes to the layout, colors, lighting, artwork, and rugs. She even recommended stores where I could find gently used or inexpensive items to make the changes. Thanks Michelle!

~~ RD

Michelle assisted me with the design and layout of my kitchen backsplash glass tiles and mosaic accent strips to coordinate with new quartz countertops. Michelle is friendly and patient and great to work with. I am so pleased with the finished product and highly recommend her services.

~~ MB

We have a beautiful home on Lake Samish, but felt that it was not as inviting or esthetically pleasing as it could be. With our daughter’s wedding a few months away and family ready to descend, we needed help! We realized that we had budgeted for a wedding but not to redecorate. I made mention of this to a friend who recommended Michelle. Michelle came to the house and worked with me to help display our various antiques which we had throughout the house to locations better suited for the room design. She helped me figure out how to create a more inviting home that better reflected our personalities. The wedding was a huge success and to this day, I still get comments from our out of town relatives about our beautiful home.

~~ PM

As soon as you walk into Michelle’s home or a space that she has helped decorate, you’ll immediately be drawn in and want to look around and enjoy the classy and stylish furnishings and décor.  Her obvious good taste and attention to detail lead to the development of inviting and creative spaces.  She offers a balance between good listening and offering advice.  She’s my go-to consultant – whether it’s to review my bedroom art and choose a new paint color or to select furnishings for the home I’m renovating.  She is motivated and organized and will undoubtedly help you re-purpose treasures that you already own or support you in updating your décor to achieve a more desirable space.

~~ JH

Last year I responded to a Nextdoor posting for an interior design business. I met the owner, Michelle, found it was a good fit personality-wise. She came to see my home and set goals on how to create a particular & unique tone especially in my living room and kitchen. Michelle gave suggestions of better use of space (important since I’m in a mobile home & proper sizing can make all the difference).

Michelle went shopping with me to choose a couch that was size ,style and comfort appropriate. She gave several furniture placement choices to keep a comfortable flow and uncluttered look. Michelle’s help with color choices & suggested stores to find fabric for curtains was helpful as well. I feel I have reached the goals set and am enjoying my living space as well as receiving feedback from visitors that validate the success of this adventure. I would recommend Michelle in a heartbeat for excellent Interior Design results.

~~ GR

I was in process of selling my home and needed help to figure out the best place to start to get my home ready. Michelle worked with me to help define each room and also address my many decluttering challenges. I really appreciated her sensitivity and understanding which helped me move forward to get the job done. I would not hesitate to recommend her!!


We had recently purchased a new couch and chair after much looking around.   But, once placed, the rest of the room just did not “flow”.  I contacted Michelle and she came and sat down with me, discussed the constants (my carpet color), what I wanted from the space (warmer, more inviting, cozy) and what I really did not like (ugly brick fireplace).  She advised (without judgment) on my “eclectic” look; she gave me suggestions for furniture rearranging, colors of paint and even encouraged me about painting the brick fireplace!  She recommended a paint store, a place to get gently used furniture (we are going soon) and even gifted me a couch pillow that matched perfectly!  The living room now feels welcoming, more open and flowing and I absolutely love the painted brick of my fireplace – and my husband loves it all.  Michelle makes magic happen!


As I sit here in my living room with artwork up on the walls, I can say I am so glad I met Michelle. She really is one of those talented people who has an excellent eye for design. We moved into our house over a year ago and put up a few of our pictures and the rest sat in boxes. In one afternoon, Michelle and I worked together to find new homes for my artwork. I am an artist but when it comes to pulling things together, I needed Michelle’s expert help. She made what seemed like a daunting task easy. Michelle also accompanied me on a shopping trip to find some furniture to our new home. She has an excellent eye for color and was my right-hand decorator and helped me pick fabric and furniture. One thing I love about Michelle is she encouraged me to use what I have rather than go out and buy new. We had one batik of bamboo that I had put in the back of the pile because I didn’t know where to put it. She saw it and found a perfect place that actually tied 2 rooms together. It really does help to have a person who knows what she is doing to help you make your house a home. I look forward to working with Michelle as we unpack those other boxes in the near future. ~~CS